Photographers & photography of the Eastern Sierra, Mono and Inyo Counties, Calif.

Adventure wedding photographer Tim Halberg loves inspiring and being inspired by couples who are obsessed with being outdoors, with seeking the next adventure, flirting with a sunburn, who aren’t afraid to get a little rowdy and live to be their authentic selves. If your obsession is traveling the world, mountain biking, backpacking, shooting, golfing, hammocking, exploring, getting lost on purpose, Tim Halberg is a GREAT fit for you.
Tell your story and find an adventure to share and photograph.

Bonnie R. Colgan is a fine art photographer with emphasis on the Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite National Park areas. Using her desire to "inspire, please, gladden and amuse," she creates intimate images of landscapes, flowers and animals.

Bonnie Colgan, fine art photographer

Michael Cooke
specializes in portrait and wedding photography. He received his MA in visual design from the University of California at Berkeley and also has achieved Master Professional Photographer status from the Professional Photographers of America

John Dittli
specializes in large and medium format landscapes, close-ups and abstracts of the natural world in all seasons. As well, he stocks medium and 35mm format adventure sports, emphasizing people on the landscape John's specialty is photographing off the beaten path.

Organ Pipe National Monument photo by Bill Dunlap

Photographer Bill Dunlap specializes in landscape photography with a particular fondness for mountains, drawn from his years adventuring in Europe, Africa, South America, and the Sierra. He pursued self-study for many years and also trained with inspirational mentors, becoming a photography teacher himself in Los Angeles. He is now based in Mammoth Lakes, waking up to the beauty of the mountains every day.

Claude Fiddler is a fine art landscape photographer, mountaineeer and author. He utilizes large format photographic equipment, reocording his images in the wild and remote regions of the western wilderness.

Claude Fiddler uses his mountaineering skills to find some of the best landscapes in the world.

Stephen Ingram is a nature photographer and writer specializing in botanical treasures and images of California. He has stock images suitable for advertising, editorial uses, field guides, calendars and notecards and fine art to enhnce the the ambience of your home. 

Back in New Zealand now, Jane Dove Juneau spent 17 years based in Mammoth Lakes, working as an editor, writer and photographer. She has stock photos of both the Eastern Sierra and New Zealand and is available for assignment.

Jane Dove Juneau New Zealand photographer  with many stock photos of  her career in the Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Lakes, Calif USA

Mountain Light Gallery  is dedicated to the  work of Galen and Barbara Rowell, as well as to  exhibiting premiere nature photographers.

Galen and Barbara Rowell created a body of work and lived an inspirational life to many. Their photographs and writings are on display here in the Eastern Sierra at the Mountain Light Gallery in Bishop. The people of the gallery and the Rowell's friends and admirers keep their vision alive. Visit the website at:

Dave and Laurie Hodge are a husband and wife team photographing and writing about the Eastern Sierra and other beautiful locations. Based in the Owens Valley, they travel extensively in their RV living their art and following their calling. Here's their website:

Roving Photo is a  family business that exudes fun and passionate devotion to the art of photography. Photography by Dave and Laurie Hodge.