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Link Your Existing Web Site $15 annual
Like having your store on a popular downtown corner in Mammoth, Bishop or the Highway 395 Corridor, links add to your "walk-in" traffic. If you already have a Web Page, yet want more visibility, then a solid linking strategy is what you need. A regional web site, like Eastern Sierra.US attracts viewers who have requested information about services in your area. Visitors are pre-screened when they come to you from Eastern Sierra.US. The other VERY IMPORTANT benefit of linking to a larger site is your search engine indexing: You'll move to THE TOP of the search engine results with a good linking strategy.

Web Design

Web Page Calling Card $50 annual
What? You don't have a web page, yet? This is a great solution to get up and get going fast. This one page format lists your pertinent information including: specialty services, location and hours, contact numbers, announcements, menus etc. Up to 600 words of advertising text, plus five pictures. It's never been so easy. Free changes quarterly.
Deluxe Web Site - Free bid and marketing consultation

Internet advertising is one of your best investments for name recognition, product branding and new customer recruitment. The EasternSierra.US Business Package is custom built to meet your individual needs. Designed to be a web page work horse, your home page will rise to the top of search engines when your business is called for, allowing you to control your Internet persona.

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Domain Registration and Hosting

Domain Registration and Hosting
Get your own .com, .net or .us efficiently using our personal service. If your first choice for a domain name is available, we will register it quickly, securing it for you in your name. If it's not available, we can suggest alternatives which fit into your overall marketing plan. Additionally, our hosting is top notch, delivering your web page reliably day after day, hour after hour, on the worldwide web.